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Forum code of conduct

Code of Conduct for Hillingdon DADS UK (members Only!) Online Forum


DADS are encouraged to make full use of members only forum. The forum has been created so we can talk together about anything and everything we want without fear of any judgement from any other member as we have all been through something and the best way to help others going through a similar circumstance is to openly talk about our own experiences. Pointers of subjects that you may want to speak about are Diagnosis, Schooling incl EHCP’s, Welfare, Mental Health of children with disabilities and Special Educational Need. Other topics effects on siblings, effects on our Partners, our own wellbeing and even Mental Health. They are just s few but of course this is Our Forum so pretty much anything goes but when a subject is picked please only add a comment within the relevant subject so any of us will get to read everyone’s experience within the specific subject.

To ensure that the forums are a positive online environment, Hillingdon DADS UK have developed the following code of conduct


Do not post unauthorised personal information (names, address, phone number, email etc)

Make sure you respect the confidentiality of others and do not disclose any non-public information or personal information without consent. This is a closed group for members only and cannot be seen by any non-members so we can talk more openly but for example only I can talk about my own personal details if I choose to, someone can ask a question and it will be up to me to answer if I want. Anything I state on my own personal situations stays within the group ONLY.


You are responsible for the content you post

This includes information, test, photos, messages etc. If you didn’t create the content that you post, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the necessary consents.


Respect other users

Set the tone for online conversations by being polite, open and respectful. It is not expected that you will agree with other users at all times but it is expected that you write your comments in a respectful way. Any abusive, offensive or inflammatory posts or any comments in any comments which personally attack any individual will not be tolerated and will be removed.


Be responsive and participate.

Make an effort to share what you know and to interact with other DADS caring for children with disabilities and/or Special Educational Needs. The more you interact with each other the more we can all help each other.


Posts or other material which is deemed inappropriate by Hillingdon DADS UK will be deleted upon discovery. We ask that you please report any such posts to us in order that we can monitor who posted it.

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