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We have now changed our name to SEND Family Support (formerly Hillingdon Dads), founded September 2015 by Kevin Bugler. Initially started in Hillingdon (London) to bring Dads that care for Disabled Children together in order that we would all be able to support each other and understand we are not alone. However we soon discovered that many families caring for children needed support too, so we started to run events specifically for them inclusively.

We are working on our new website which is but will keep this one as up to date as possible, however you can get all up to date info via our Facebook page @SENDFamilySupport or join our email database via sending an email to and opt in to join our database.

Our Aim and PurposeOrganising annual events for families caring for children with special educational needs and disabilities through our team of volunteers (formerly the HD Carers Support Group), along with a Monthly SEND Saturday Drop In Centre where children can come have fun, be creative, sensory play, relax in or sensory dark dens with sensory lights, while their parents/carers will get to meet other parents/carers and get info and advice on what support and services are available to them and their families through SEND Family Support and our Facebook groups along with other relevant organisations and charities that are invited to take part in the events.

Running a website for the charity providing information about the charity’s activities, support and resources available for families of people with special educational needs and disabilities, and their families, and a forum for people to discuss issues around SEND.

Running closed Facebook pages called ‘Dadz4Dadz’ and ‘Mumz4Mumz’ for parents and carers of people with special educational needs and disabilities, providing a forum to discuss issues around SEND and organise social meetings.

We will also continue to listen to the carers within our Facebook groups, our advice line, what’s app and email correspondence about how we can further help them and their families benefit still further.

Each activity furthers the purpose for the public benefit as follows:

Our events promote the welfare, independence and social inclusion of people with special educational needs and disabilities and their families. 

We have now ran many events for families caring for children with SEND since our first Santa’s Grotto and Christmas Market in December 2017 and currently have 5 Annual Events with fantastic feed back from all that attend.Currently our 2 largest events have been the Santa’s Grotto and SEN Summer Funday with over 120 children attending each along with their carers.

The Annual Events include our SEND Easter Funday, The SEND Summer Funday, The SEND Birthday Party, The SEND Halloween Party and the SEND Santa’s Grotto and Christmas Market. In all our events we aim to let the children of all abilities enjoy and be included in the fun, while their carers can find out much needed information on how we can help and support as carers ourselves, along with signposting to what other support is available to them and their families from other organisations and charities that work in similar areas. We aim to help children with abilities to have a greater understanding of SEND by allowing siblings of children with SEND to attend and enjoy our events inclusively. All events have achieved their goals and we have received fantastic feedback from all families that benefited by attending our events including the SEND Saturday Drop In Centres.

Although our events are currently based in Hillingdon area, any families caring for children with SEND are welcome to attend all our events and receive the same benefits if they can. We will have events in other areas when we have grown more and are able to have enough support and funding to run such events in varying areas of the UK working in partnership with other charities, organisations and support groups in the areas that need us to run such events for them to also improve their SEND Family Support too.

Our website promotes the welfare, independence and social inclusion of people with special educational needs and disabilities and their families by providing information about support and resources available and a forum to talk about related issues with others who have experience of them. 

Our closed Facebook groups promotes the welfare, independence and social inclusion of people with special educational needs and disabilities and their families.

Our DADZ4DADZ Group is a closed Facebook group for DADZ caring for children with SEND in the UK. This is a forum to talk freely without judgement of any kind! A place where dads and carers can benefit by asking questions, if they have any. The purpose is to help carers to be more open, relaxed, be better informed and of course to help their mental health and well-being, thus benefiting their whole family.

Due to many requests from wives of our dads and mums that attended or events, we have now started a MUMZ4MUMZ Group which has the exact same purpose as the DADZ4DADZ Group but for mums and carers instead through its closed Facebook group.
In both the DADZ4DADZ & MUMZ4MUMZ Groups there may be some social meetings in different areas (depending on where the participants live). We do not run or fund these meetings as a Charity, but we do encourage them as we believe it is good for carers to meet and share what information they want knowing that the people they are meeting will understand where they are coming from. However these are independent of the charities activities.

to grow and continue to give Support to families caring for children with disabilities and/or special educational needs in the UK, through our DADZ4DADZ and our new MUMZ4MUMZ Groups on Facebook along with running events with our HD Carers Support Group. The HD Carers Support Group also has a Facebook Page for carers of children with disabilities and or special educational needs in the UK which is @HDCarersSupportGroup

The current events we run annually are the SEN Easter Funday, SEN Summer Funday, SEN Birthday Party, SEN Halloween Party and the HD Santa’s Grotto and Christmas market. We also have our Monthly SEN Saturday Drop In Centre on the second Saturday of every month (except August) at the Moorcroft Complex, Harlington Road, Uxbridge, UB8 3HD.

We have now applied to become a Charity and when we receive confirmation we will endeavour to help more where it is needed the most according to our members.


The charity operates for the public benefit by providing services, education/advocacy/advice information and acting as an umbrella or resource body. This is done through running annual events and regular drop-in centres for SEND families, a charity website and 2 closed Facebook support groups. The aim of these activities is to tackle the social isolation and lack of resources and information experienced by many SEND families that can often lead to financial and emotional hardship, by providing them with both real and online spaces where they can get help, support and encouragement.

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